The insurance marketplace is constantly changing, whether because of management turnover or financial fluctuations. The idea of the status quo with respects to your insurance program is not an efficient model. Depending on your industry, there is typically a wide swath of carriers available to quote different lines of insurance. The tricky part is understanding when to go out to the market place and when to stay put.

Since most exposures are insurable, finding a broker who understands the ebbs and flows of the insurance marketplace will only enhance the cost effectiveness of your overall program. Too often carriers are married to insureds based on it being the best fit. Problem is, the fit is consistently changing. Whether you take on new business exposures or the carrier revises its underwriting philosophy, your insurance premiums and coverages are up for change on an annual basis. This holds true for your Property & Liability insurance, Employee Benefits and even your corporate perpetuation and retirement planning.

Degginger McIntosh & Associates balances the needs of our customers with the constant changes of the marketplace. With a wide array of carriers available to us, it is important to strengthen ties with our underwriters and promote consistency with any carrier we place coverage with. An open dialogue between us and our underwriters ultimately creates a system where they convey to us what they truly can and cannot write. If a management change within the underwriting department drastically changes their appetite, we take that into consideration and promote alternative programs to our customers. No carrier relationship is bigger than our responsibility to our customers. We believe in market representation without segmentation.

Menu of Services

Marketing Analysis – Your Marketing Account Manager will actively market your account each and every year to ensure we are providing you with the best possible pricing and coverage. These options will then be compiled and presented to you at the time of your renewal.<
Claims Management – You will be given a Service Manager who is committed to making sure that any claims in connection to DMA are handled in a prompt and fair manner.
Pre-Renewal & Renewal Appointments – We understand that your business can and will experience changes throughout a calendar year. These check-up appointments will allow us to talk through these changes so we can identify any possible exposures.
Risk Management Services - We will provide you with technical advice, resources, and assistance in developing, improving and monitoring an effective Loss Control/Risk Management program by:
  • Reviewing your current Loss Control/Risk Management program;
  • Analyzing loss data to identify specific areas which generate the greatest claim frequency;
  • Reviewing your current environment and operations, including your physical assets, personnel practices, and organization of management;
  • Conducting visits to all locations to develop a risk profile and to define management and insurance carrier responsibilities;
  • Establishing a meeting schedule to review and discuss safety and loss analysis reports with management and/or staff as required by your insurance carrier.
Policy Review – As your policy changes, it will be important for us to keep you up to date on what is covered and what is excluded.
Certificates of Insurance – You will have a dedicated certificate coordinator that will handle any certificate needs.